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Why Grow?


In this fast paced, artificial everything world, GROW is committed to bringing you the most healthy, great tasting and wholesome produce for you and your family!

Certified safe

Grow is a member of the Grown Safe Certification Programme (GSCP). Our produce is tested for harmful pesticides and bacteria based international food safety standards, ensuring our product is of high quality and safe for consumption.

Sustainably farmed

Grow believes that food should be farmed in harmony with nature. We encourage our growers to adopt good agricultural practices that help reduce the negative impacts of farming on the environment.

Locally produced

Grow seeks to support and develop small and micro farming families whose livelihoods depend solely on farming.

Meet Our Growers



Meet Brian

A hydroponic farmer producing lettuce and pak choi and one of the first farmers to be certified under GSCP.


Grow’s Basket

Current Produce

We currently supply healthy, luscious, leafy vegetables like PAK CHOI and different types of LETTUCE.

Pak Choi


Future Produce

Look forward to: Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, Cucumbers, Kale, Broccoli, Spinach


Sweet Peppers





Frequently Asked Questions

What does “certified safe” mean?

Although our farmers use agricultural chemicals, they are trained in the use of good agricultural practices, regularly monitored and undergo random produce testing to ensure that they meet international food safety standards.

What does the GSCP logo on your packaging mean?

The GSCP logo represents produce that are obtained from farmers certified under the ‘Grown Safe Certification Programme (GSCP)’. You can verify all our certified farmers by searching in the GSCP online database. 

Will GROW expand their range of fresh produce?

As our brand develops, we intend to provide a range of fresh produce to suit our customers’ needs

Is GROW’s packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes! Grow’s produce is contained in packaging made of biodegradable Cellophane to ensure it maintains its quality. Cellophane is made from natural sources such as wood or plants, so it can be composted or sent to a landfill where it breaks down naturally.


Where can GROW’s fresh produce be purchased?

Our fresh produce is currently available at selected MASSY stores. Be on the lookout for a GROW product near you!

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Have a request or simply want to find out more? Contact us via the address: info@growtt.com